Mad for Love

mflsmooth1 Nikol Elaine and I met up with a bunch up hip, fun, entrepreneurs who are who are in the wedding industry.  I had a great time meeting these women and would refer any of them if you are planning your wedding.

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Tuesday Tips

Today we are going to talk about the Blow-dry!  You're only as good as your tools.  Chi Pro-dryer GF-1505 - $154 CHI Pro Low EMF Professional Hair Dryer with Diffuser (GF1505). The price point is average.  Panelists love this dryer because it is quiet, lightweight, and dried the hair quickly.  You can spend $20. for the Revlon Ionic Ceramic Pro Stylist RV484, as it has a feature that the higher cost brands didn't have, separate heat and air flow settings, which I personally like.


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Wedding Hairstyle

Candace has lots of hair! I used L'Oreal Professionnel's Mousse Volupt́é to create a texture of hair that would hold. Then I sprayed Infinium #2 on each section and used a curling rod and pinned in place.

I wanted to create a hairstyle that was elegant, and that night or next day, could be taken down and have lots of body in the hair.

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Salon Update

I realize I've been so busy with beauty shoots, that I haven't given a salon update in awhile.  I got away from writing about specific clients on my blog if you haven't noticed, I am afraid to quite honestly.  It took one client recognizing herself in one of my posts, walking into the salon and confronting me about it.  Thing is, I didn't say anything negative, just personality quirks(like we all have)!  Maybe I should talk more about my own quirks instead. What do you think?  There are plenty of blogs about how to's for hair, and not enough about the psychological side of hairdressing. However, I am finding the psychological side less interesting, and the creating of beauty more compelling!  Maybe I should change the name of the blog.

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Storyboards are always a great way to start the creative process when planning a fashion or hair photo shoot, and talk about a salon team building experience!  Recently, at Keter Salon, where I am coordinating their 2nd photo shoot, everybody presented their boards, and spoke of what is inspiring them.  When the last person finished, there were nine boards.  Beautiful!

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Behind the Scenes at SNOW 3

SNOW 3 Another white fashion event!  January 28th 2012- We were cooking backstage with 36 models, irons, back brushing, pins, and plenty of L'Oreal Professionnel Densite, Mousse Volupte, and Infinium #3!

Thanks to Scott Smith, Heather Jassem, Aviva Morger for their assistance, and expertise.  Thank you to Cari Borja, and Julie Schindler for their lovely designs.  And a great big thank you to Joseph Domingo, and all the others who made this event go smoothly.

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Beyond Chef Wear by Daniel Sudar

Christophe Tomatis Photography On December 4, 2011, Daniel Sudar debuted his chef wear line at San Francisco's Mercury lounge. I felt honored to participate in hairstyling the models for this show.  Not only is Daniel humble, but a great talent! With only two years, officially, in the design industry, he is off to an amazing career. Why shouldn't chef's look fabulous as they create their tasty morsels?  Makeup Sara Dashty

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SFBAfn - The Collection 2011

A few shots from The Collection 2011, produced by SFBAfn, of which I am a current member, and helped with the makeup.  Hairstyling by Umbrella Salon. The designs were stunning! I am so proud to be working with such a fine group of talented artists.Hector ManuelJoseph Domingo

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Being Real in Front of the Camera

Recently a photographer posted something about models trying too hard, and I pondered that yes, when a model can be real in front if the camera and comfortable with herself, the photo shoot takes on a whole new depth. This photograph made me think, yes, let's get back to the awe and wonder that is in us all.

Rebecca Beardsley  p 510-459-8967


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