Spring Green

After a year of letting my natural color show, I decided to color my hair.  Mostly, themetamorphosis came about because of the count down to NAHA.  We used powder lightener with 20 vol, and level 4 Luo color with 25Vol as a base, then toned with P01-P02, creating a bit more drama.

I thought, "Hm, I am going to be surrounded with my peers, and the idea of showing some creativity on my own head felt right. The extreme is always so invigorating.  I tell myself, "Just as long as you work that out on your head, rather than in your life."

Sometimes I look at myself, and think it looks great. Or, "too dark against your aging skin." I'll say.  Does it look to severe? My clients remarked, "You look less tired," as if my own questions lined my forehead.

Overall, I feel it is a nice change.  Color feels like a fresh start.  And this new be- ginning seems to be popping up in a lot of areas of my life, like the green of Spring emerging from the tilled soil.

And now, the maintenance begins.  I already feel like I need a toner.

However, the expectations of women are at an all time high.  More on that later.

Posted on July 23, 2009 and filed under beauty industry, Creativity, haircolor.