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Best Hairstyles for Short Haircuts

Have you ever wondered how short hair can get interesting too, instead of all the long hair you see in the magazines?  In this article, we offer different techniques and looks for shorter hair.  I think you will enjoy them, as once in awhile it is nice to wear a different look. Although, sometimes it's a challenge to know what are the best hairstyles for short hair. So here you go.

Twisty Texture Bun

Create a loose and carefree style using random sections pinned into a bun.

How to Style:

1. Spray dry hair with hair spray, like the Infinitum #3 or dry shampoo, such as Next Day Hair, even though it's technically not a dry shampoo, it acts as one. It gives the hair a great texture and hold for ay kind of hair styling.

2. Twist the random sections up and use bobby pins to secure them. Choose pins that match your hair color. Leave a little hair loose in the front around your face.

3. Curl the loose end with curling iron.

4. Arrange loose ends in a messy pattern.


Brilliant Bouffant Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for those who have delicate hair.It will give you a smoothshape full of volume paired with a hair accessory.

How to Style:

1. Towel dry hair before you attempt this hairstyle. Add some of the Volume Envy Mousse with a comb. 

2. Round brush your hair and blow dry to get volume.

3. Use a teasing brush to tease the top and back of the crown of your head.

4. Now you will need to smooth the front portion and create a bump using the side of the teasing brush. Smooth the sides back and over your ears and use bobby pins.

5. Use the Infinitum #4 at the end, Extreme Lacquer for stronger hold. to give a finishing touch.


Delicate Curls

In this hairstyle, curls are pulled back in a partial and the hairstyle is perfect for a day look or accessorized for the night!

How to Style

1. First of all part your hair to one side. Preheat 1-inch curling iron and collect some bobby pins. Use dry shampoo or Next Day Hair to give your hair extra volume.

2. Use heat setting spray as you work through smoothing the lower sections with a flat iron.

3. Take 1/4 to 1/2-inch sections of hair at the top of your head, curling each and pinning back. Remember to leave the curl shape as is when you release it so it keeps its shape as it lays over the smoothed hair.

4. Spray with medium to high hold hairspray, my suggestion is the Extreme Lacquer.


Messy Faux Bun

This awesome layered crop is styled up to look as if its long hair piled up into a trendy bun.

How to Style:

1. Towel dry hair to remove moisture completely from your hair.

2. Work a golf ball-sized amount of styling mousse, Volume Envy Extra, through hair with a comb.

3. Now use dry air and round brush to add volume and shape to the top section.

4. Smooth the sides and back.

5. Tease sections of the top slightly near your scalp to give structure to the style.

6. Roll medium to large-sized sections near the back of the crown of your head forward so they look as if theyre in the shape of a bun.

7. Secure sections with bobby pins.

8. Roll the front forward in sections to create volume around your hairline.

9. Finish with a firm hold hairspray, Infinitum #4.


Full and Elegant Hairstyle

Thick curls full of body and movement and style with lots of volume make short hair appear longer than it really is!

How to Style:

1. Shampoo and condition hair with products designed for curly hair, like the Phyto Specific range.


2. Towel dry hair by wringing out excess moisture. Do not rub hair since rubbing will cause unnecessary frizz.

3. Work a medium to high-hold styling mousse, Volume Envy Extra through your hair with a comb.

4. Use a large, round, pronged diffuser to lift hair and dry on a medium heat setting.

5. Choose a light styling serum or hair oil to run through locks, gently working it from bottom to top to maintain the volume, but add shine to your curls.

6. Finish with a firm hold hairspray, Infinium #4 for all day control.

Play with these ideas, and enjoy styling. Take pictures and share them on Instagram with the hashtag #shineforthathome

Anne Sagendorph

Other Shot of Anne

I have known Anne for probably 20 years. For as long as I have known her she has been a Business Coach.  She used to sit in my friend's chair and we would exchange hello's while she received a few variations of an asymmetrical, Sassoon cut.

One day, I decided to work with her as a client, and my business changed.  In my sessions with Anne, I became clear about, and acknowledged the value I offer clients.  My thoughts about my business crystallized before my very eyes, and I created a statement for myself and my business, that would symbolize this value.  I use this statement on my website.  It gives people a strong sense of what I do, and who I am before even meeting me. With Anne, I received permission to actually charge what I think my services, and time, are worth, which created a huge shift in feeling reciprocated, and loving my work even more.

I love my work so much, she eventually came to sit in my chair. Her hair seems to change as much as I see Anne shift within her business of coaching people. Now, it is not uncommon for her to ask for something different every couple of months to match this ever changing being. The change she would allow herself to move through in her work, is now reflected in her hair. 

We have uncovered her femininity, her angelic, whimsical, and playful self.  We've done splashes of yellow, magenta, olive green, and rose tones, some would say it's a funky look.  II don't know if her hair is funky, but it's safe to say she has found her "look", and yet delights in seeing a picture with short bang, and saying, "How about if we move in this direction."  This is a woman who could not bare to see her forehead, and who had one style for a very long time.

She is more herself today then I have ever witnessed her be before. She is sassy, adventurous, and smart, and truly gifted as a business coach.

You go Anne.  And thank you for the gift of doing your hair and trusting me to create for you.  This is a woman who redefines the age of 60.

For more information on the best business coach ever, check out:  

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