Anne Sagendorph

Other Shot of Anne

I have known Anne for probably 20 years. For as long as I have known her she has been a Business Coach.  She used to sit in my friend's chair and we would exchange hello's while she received a few variations of an asymmetrical, Sassoon cut.

One day, I decided to work with her as a client, and my business changed.  In my sessions with Anne, I became clear about, and acknowledged the value I offer clients.  My thoughts about my business crystallized before my very eyes, and I created a statement for myself and my business, that would symbolize this value.  I use this statement on my website.  It gives people a strong sense of what I do, and who I am before even meeting me. With Anne, I received permission to actually charge what I think my services, and time, are worth, which created a huge shift in feeling reciprocated, and loving my work even more.

I love my work so much, she eventually came to sit in my chair. Her hair seems to change as much as I see Anne shift within her business of coaching people. Now, it is not uncommon for her to ask for something different every couple of months to match this ever changing being. The change she would allow herself to move through in her work, is now reflected in her hair. 

We have uncovered her femininity, her angelic, whimsical, and playful self.  We've done splashes of yellow, magenta, olive green, and rose tones, some would say it's a funky look.  II don't know if her hair is funky, but it's safe to say she has found her "look", and yet delights in seeing a picture with short bang, and saying, "How about if we move in this direction."  This is a woman who could not bare to see her forehead, and who had one style for a very long time.

She is more herself today then I have ever witnessed her be before. She is sassy, adventurous, and smart, and truly gifted as a business coach.

You go Anne.  And thank you for the gift of doing your hair and trusting me to create for you.  This is a woman who redefines the age of 60.

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Posted on January 15, 2008 and filed under Beauty, Femininity, Hairstyling, Inner Beauty.