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Green, Green, Green

Green, green, green, is all I have on my mind.  So, from my research so far, I can see the hair salons are slow to change. California is ahead of the game in terms of setting up county wide programs which certify green business.  As of yet there are not standards for salons.  However, if you want to pay a private company that will certify, with standards that work for any business-- the practices are generic and work for any business.  I'm thinking why can't this basic list of practices work for the county wide programs that are free? No answers yet.  But I am on a hunt.  We can't keep thinking we have no impact.  The beauty industry has got to take responsibility for the waste we produce, and lessen our use of resources.

I'll keep you posted.

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Calling all Green Hairstylists & Hair Salon Owners

Back in the saddle.  It's been a few days.  I get rusty when I don't write.  I've been consumed with with researching for an article I want to write. It's about making Green choices in the beauty industry; hair salons the focus. Last night I was out with another hairstylist/friend, and I realized through talking with her, that I am passionate about this topic.  And, in my research so far, there is not a lot of information available.  In other words, I don't think being Green has really hit hair salons yet. 

So, I have a request.  If any salons, or stylists have decided to go Green, please contact me, and let me know what you are doing in the salon to help the environment. I will be submitting the article to various magazines.


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Hair in the Bay

This is old news now, but I feel compelled to celebrate the concept that salons can contribute to cleaning up waste, not just produce it.  I was called by my friend Laura, a hairstylist who now works in San Francisco. She alerted me to the fact that hair was being collected for making hair mats to help clean up the Cosco Busan oil spill in the San Francisco Bay.  We started immediately sweeping hair into bags and sending it off to the Matter of Trust organization.  Lisa Gaultier heads up this small nonprofit, and previously made these hair mat made from human hair and mushrooms.  The hair absorbs the oil, and the mushrooms will soak up oil and make for non toxic compost.

Brilliant.  It's people like this that use their minds for great things, that inspire me.  How else can hair salons clean up their act and produce less waste?  How can we become less toxic and still colour hair?  Is it possible?  What about the foils from weaving hair?  It wasn't until maybe three years ago, that I realized it was better to dump excess color into garbage, rather than the drain? 

The topic is large and painful to ponder, but how can I move this into action?  I would love to learn about any movement, organization, etc. that is educating hairdressers, passing legislation, offering workshops etc. about helping hair salons become Green and increase the awareness of their impact on the environment. 

I guess the simple question is what am I doing in my everyday life at the salon to contribute to the idea of less is more when it comes to our planet.

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