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A New York Calling

I'm having the itch to move to New York.  I know it is a tough place to live i.e. weather, expensive housing, and noise.  Could I actually break into the hair world there?  This desire has nothing to do with practicality.  It's purely a feeling that perhaps I've outgrown this area, and standing behind the chair.  It would not only be a jump professionally, but the challenge could be quite stimulating.  I'm wanting to move into the editorial world, styling hair for fashion photography, and New York is where it's at in the field, or LA.  But LA is still west coast.  In order to go, I must really develop a great "book", and establish and nurture relationships there.  And I still want to freelance write as well. Can a family of three actually live comfortably there?  How much does one need to make to be comfortable there?  If I go, I want to live in the city, just for the experience, although I hear Brooklyn is great.  But I've always lived in the burbs, and if I'm going to go east, I've got to be in the city.  I want to study more with Giovanni Giuntoli.  He is a gifted hair artist, and a kind person, and I think can take my work to a whole other level.  I'm still integrating what I learned in his workshop three years ago.

Three years ago, in that class, I had the feeling that editorial was the direction I would head in.  And now, I am becoming more serious about it.  I told my partner a couple of days ago, don't worry, last month I wanted to move to Mexico, and this month it's New York.  Tomorrow may be Paris...well, as a matter of fact, Paris is one of the cities included in the master plan.

Could I just travel there instead of moving?   Perhaps.  I do plan to do hair for fashion week, once or twice a year.  I can see how it feels,  how viable,it is.  Does anybody have a relative there, or currently travels there regularly?  Are there any hairdressers reading this who know the industry there?  I'd appreciate any feedback.

Going feels like an expansion into fully realizing myself as a creative person.  It excites me to no end right now.  Creating beautiful hair, inspires me.  

Posted on April 2, 2008 and filed under Beauty, Creativity, Editorial, hairstylist, inspiration.