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The Luckiest Hairstylist Around

I met Rowan Gabrielle at the Jennifer Butler event in Mill Valley.  I thought to myself, this is a woman who walks to her own beat.  She isn't trying to be somebody she isn't, and yet, she was open to learning (a quality I happen to treasure).  She dressed in a unique way, (untrendy), with garments that exuded quality, the made-by-hand kind of quality.  She stood tall, lean, and quick.  Her energy was fluid, her eyes soft.    She wore her wavy hair long, to the middle of her back, the crown was heavy, and limp.  She wanted her hair cut into a shape that would keep her length in tact, and yet freshen it up.  She was open to my ideas.  We talked, as I cut, and I was blown away by her large scope of vision.  In fact, one of her projects which came to her in a dream, was to photograph people in their color, in the elements, on a vision quest.  Check out for photos that will blow your mind.  I trimmed her ends, shaped it, and softened the front.  Layers at the crown of the head about seven inches, connecting to the length, down to the middle of her back.  With the weight released, her natural wave moved into "S" curves all around her head.  I cut a soft fringe around the front, opening up the right eye, connecting down into the longer lengths on the other side.  Lovely.

She had so much to say, and yet she exuded a quiet strength, a noticeable regal quality. She was somebody you want to know, and talk with, about everything.  She is a photographer, philanthropist, the head of a eco-leather business, called Organic Leather, founder of Urth.TV, and so much more.  She is from the UK, and has great ideas, but they don't stop there. 

 I've never met a woman, who does exactly what she has set out to do in the magnitude that she does, she travels the distance to see her projects through.  And still, she is full of graceful, solid, energy that is not weighted down by her journey, and she looks forward to the next adventure. 

After a completely satisfying, and compelling conversation, she gave me a copy of a book that her and her husband, Ayman Sawaf, self-published.   This book has me completely intrigued to read, it's called Sacred Commerce:  The Rise of the Global Citizen.  I'm anxious to give it to several people I know.  Check it out.

I have the best job around.  Thank you Rowan.  I'll look forward to the next time.

Posted on April 7, 2008 and filed under Beauty, Creativity, Dreams, Femininity, Hairstyling, inspiration.