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Today I have a shoot in Marin County.  It's for a permanent makeup artist.  There will be five models, I will step in with the hair. I am going to meet the fashion pr woman in charge of the shoot, Annette Harding.  I responded to an ad looking for fashion interns to help out with a fashion show she is planning for the end of May.  The purpose is to raise money for a non-profit organization called Stop the Spray.  "They" want to spray all of California with poison to kill of the apple moth(can't imagine what it will do for every other living being).  I let her know I'd like to come up with the concepts for the hair and makeup, so today's shoot she invited me in on so we could meet.

My mind is reeling with ideas, and creating a challenge for myself by using no artificial products.  Creating netting with hair, by crimping, teasing slightly than using egg whites to harden the hair over organic shaped forms, and then attaching them to the hair.  I'll start playing this weekend.

Meanwhile, I am sending out photos to clients who have modeled for me, printing all of them, so I can see how everything is translating to camera.  I'm waiting patiently for images from the professional photographers.  I am trading with Dee Conway to choose and print images for my portfolio.

It is crazy energy in the salon. I have moved clients to accommodate the shoot today, and the fashion show the other day.  This of course takes finesse.  I must talk to others in the industry to see how they deal with this situation.  It feels delicate.  I must scramble to find time for a client I needed to move for today.  Three out of the four days I work, she is not available, so I think I must come in on a day off.  Time with my daughter is squeezed, and I leave next week for three days to the mountains.

I have to remember in times like these that it's not quantity, but quality.

Posted on April 18, 2008 and filed under Creativity, hairstylist, inspiration, Salon Life.