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Green, Green, Green

Green, green, green, is all I have on my mind.  So, from my research so far, I can see the hair salons are slow to change. California is ahead of the game in terms of setting up county wide programs which certify green business.  As of yet there are not standards for salons.  However, if you want to pay a private company that will certify, with standards that work for any business-- the practices are generic and work for any business.  I'm thinking why can't this basic list of practices work for the county wide programs that are free? No answers yet.  But I am on a hunt.  We can't keep thinking we have no impact.  The beauty industry has got to take responsibility for the waste we produce, and lessen our use of resources.

I'll keep you posted.

Posted on February 1, 2008 and filed under Salon Activism, Salon Life.