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Time to Shine

giselle-3.jpg Giselle is one of those clients who walks into a room and commands attention, not by what she says, but how she looks.  She is regal, unafraid, and meets you with her eyes.  At first glance, you might think she is an artist, a gypsy, or a one woman show of some kind.  When I first met her, I knew it was my time to shine.

She was referred by a client who, in the past has liked to play with special effects in her, colors that were unnatural looking and fun.  She spoke of Giselle, and said, "One of these days she will come in, and you will love doing her hair."

The day came when she sat in my chair.  It was a match that was meant to me.  As she said yesterday, "I knew you were out there somewhere and that I would meet you, I just didn't know when."   The experience I have of coloring her hair, is one of utter, complete freedom.  I don't have to consult, ask permission, or hesitate. Her only requirement is that is doesn't look natural.

My only limitation is my own thinking, my own mind.  So I dream while I paint on her color, letting my mind imagine and wander in the kaleidoscope of the color world.  Is it lime green with orange, or purples and oranges.  Right now we are working with doing less bleach and toning, and playing with 7.40 Loreal, 20 volume at the base.  Mid-lengths and ends are bleached and toned with candy apple red, and napalm orange, and yellow, with a smidgen of orange.

Who knows what will be next.  I don't plan.  I want to stay in the moment with her hair, and before her next appointment I will probably have a creative, rich, dynamic dream about her, in full living color.

By the way, she is a most talented clothing designer.  Check her out.

Posted on November 25, 2007 and filed under Hairstyling.