Obama or McCain

Instead of interviewing clients on their thoughts, feelings and reactions to color, I want to know which candidate the Democrats are going to vote for and why.  At this point it is a little frightening to think that if the Democrats in America can't get behind Obama, and they decide for malicious reasons they will vote for the antiquated McCain, a guy that even the Republican party doesn't like, we are heading down further into dark times.  Maybe it's too late for this sort of inquiry, but is it?  Shouldn't we fight with determination in the ways that we can to affect those around us, to have dialogue about what matters to the final moment? In fact, I need to be recording people's responses, NOW.  What better place than the hairdresser's chair to gather a consensus based on this particular segment of society, in Berkeley, California?  It's a bit intimidating to open up the political conversation in the chair, because who knows what beliefs people have, and if they consider it too personal a topic to go into, and what if they are Republican?  In the past, maybe I would have had a reaction, but now, I think it more important to discuss our viewpoints, especially if they differ from mine, to understand other view points.  I think I could interview clients from a neutral position. 

Mrs. Page in beauty school might not approve, but interviewing clients right now about their political views would bring me satisfaction of a different sort.  I've always been trying to get to the underbelly of the beauty industry, knowing from experience, there is much more than what meets the eye when somebody sits in the chair.  Why not take the opportunity?

Posted on May 20, 2008 and filed under Beauty, boundaries, hairstylist, Personal Questions, Politics.