A Tech Geek and/or a Hair Piece Guru

Okay.  Now I have ideas of what I want to do on this blog, pictures, sound, movies.  I'm ready to personalize this, and attract more viewers.  I have the color scheme, I'm working the tape recorder at work, I'm going to have a theme per month and interview people, while having there hair done.  But do you think I  know how to do any of it.  That would be, "NO!" So, anybody out there know of a tech person, that can teach me a few things?  I need somebody now.  Somebody that can do a little research as well.  Send that person my way please.

It's just like the creative process to throw a few wrenches in the mix, and you've got to work with them.  Same with the hair.  I'm working on my concepts for this shoot coming up.  I've got hair everywhere in my dining room, I've got head shots of the models wearing the clothes for the shots, taped to the wall.  And pins, hair elastics, grips, thread, hairnets, combs, brushes,  and a can of hair spray, on the dining room table.  I'm executing a few ideas.  One of the models, I feel I need to see again, the picture is not telling me much.  I visualize something very different for her hair, but I am not sure her hair will accommodate my wishes.  I need to talk with her.

I've teased, sprayed and stuffed a hairnet with hair, to make stuffing for a hair piece I want to add on the one of the models hair, but it's still not quite large enough or, holding the strong shape I want.  Any of you hairdressers out there know how to work with hair pieces?

My daughter worked right besides me, asking me "Mama, is this how you tease?"  She had it right.  I took a picture of one of her do's, I'll post soon as I get the photos.  We have two digital cameras, I broke one, and it's being repaired.  My partner had the other at work, the old regular camera needs a battery.  Thankfully, I had a throw away camera to at least capture some snap shots of the style concepts I'm working with, to show Juarez.    We are back to the technologically challenged part of the story.

Posted on April 4, 2008 and filed under Creativity, Editorial, hairstylist.