Diva of All Time

Cordelia BeforeCordelia AfterCordelia is an artist, and she is a client.  She lives and breathes creativity, i.e., garden stones with "Garden Diva" spelled out with pieces of colored glass.  Not the commercial stuff you see in garden stones, but the real deal--artful and unique.  Gizzey dolls made of stamped, stuffed cotton, modern clothes, and lace-up fabric shoes, pearls for breasts, different size buttons for eyes, and best of all, fabric remnants from our friend Giselle Shepatin shredded to create long locks of hair.  Wooden treasure boxes, painted, studded and stamped, pieces of glass in-layed on the top to create mosaic, "tell your truth" scrolled inside on the lid, little pieces of wood, line the inside of the lid, the bottom lined with mink.  Cut off finger gloves, then sewn around the fingers with a contrasting color, Turkish buttons sewn around the cuff.  These were all gifts to me.

She is feeling it right now, the creative juices are running wild.  Her six year business of staging houses is New Moon Designs. sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/rts/611777310.html.  Staged houses to Gizzy Dolls.  She doesn't think about being creative, she just has to create.  She wants us to save the Gloria Heads she saw piled up in the break-room at the salon the other day, she sees an art project waiting to happen.

I used her for a model the other day.  She brought in tortas de papas, guacamole and chips, and agua de frescas, and we applied makeup (I'm practicing what I learned in the class the other day).  Then I crimped her hair, I seem to be in a crimping mode these days.  While I smoothed plum eyeshadow over her lids, we talked about travels, our parents, experiences, friends, she told me she was a musician as well.

She is a marvel for sure.  Generous, gorgeous, and talented beyond words.  Loyal as all get out.  And a friend I will have for all time.

Posted on March 20, 2008 and filed under Creativity, Friendship, inspiration, Salon Life.