There is nothing more exciting to me as a hairstylist, then to help a woman feel beautiful.  On Saturday, I had a client whowanted to play.  We had determined ahead of time that we would do some hair color, which we hadn't in a very long time.  We also decided we would take a photo. She had white and gray hair, mixed with 20% of her natural level 5 to 6, with a cool tone.

This was my approach.  I sectioned off the hair with a Pleating section, a type of zigzag section around the parietal. Pleating is from one of Teri Dougherty's collections.  Then, instead of using one color on top, I used a brick laying pattern, with same size sections.  I used a Majorel, level 4, 20 vol. on the bottom of the zigzag, and 8.13 (1/2), 8 (1/2), 20 vol.on top triangles.

The results were wonderful,  a little more dramatic than her natural look, with a sparkle.  She loved it, and I think she left feeling a bit better about herself.

I'll upload the photo as soon as I figure out how.  

Posted on February 18, 2008 and filed under Beauty, Creativity, Hairstyling, inspiration, Salon Life.