Spicing Things Up

 As a hairstylist, it is effortless to become lazy,negative, and uninspired.  Some of my styling habits are lazy, or I stop encouraging some clients to change, or I take the easy way out when under pressure--all these nowheresville tactics are called survival, but leave me empty.  I tell you, there is nothing more inspiring than participating in a professional development workshop to juice things up. I participated in a Creative Color class in San Francisco at The Studio.  Teri Dougherty taught 13 of us many creative color techniques.  Not only did I learn many useful techniques that I brought immediately into the salon, but Teri is a lovely person, with a passion for her craft, teaching, and her business, and it shows.  She has managed to manifest a life where she creates her own patterns of color, and cutting and gives that to the world.  I respect and admire the focus and attention to execute these ideas into a reality. 

I walked into the salon yesterday a bit more cocky, self-assured, and like I brought something to the table.  That something was an energy, a command with the hair, a fearlessness.  Two newish clients dawned vibrant colors, such as reds, and coppers, and blondes as they left the salon.  The patterning was such that you couldn't tell where the layout started and where it finished.  The pieces looked more like fettuccine, rather than spaghetti bits, it all comes back to food. 

Not only did I have a great time, I felt invigorated and I'm looking at Broccolini in a whole new way, thinking, "Hmmm...how can I translate this to hair color?" 

Thanks Teri. 

Check out her work!  www.teridougherty.com

Posted on December 12, 2007 and filed under Hairstyling.