Graveyard Saddhana

Three years ago, a client of mine, Nancy, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Being the "alternative" medicine queen, she tried accupuntcure, herbs from Mexico, doing nothing, doctor after doctor for more opinions, before she would walk the western medicine route.  We were close, and both of us knew our relationship had little to do with hair.  "I would rather die, than deal with the medical world," she had announced.  After months of estrogen blockers as part of the treatment, she shot into the salon for a haircut; short brisk movements, her head turning side to side, her seat moving in and out of the chair, her voice cracking.  She was a live wire flipping through the air, not knowing where to land. 

A year later she was introduced to a spiritual practice called Nicherin Daishonin Buddhism.  It's the practice that chants Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, I had heard about it eighteen years prior by a client, but I didn't practice long.  Nothing ever stuck with me.  One day during this time, Nancy sat in my chair, her voice calm, the angst gone, her words came out like little pillows, instead of jagged points.  She had literally dropped into her body.

I was impressed enough, and miserable enough to say, " I'm coming to a meeting. "  All my life I have wandered how can I be happy?  All the obvious externals, weren't doing it anymore.  Did they ever?  In one years' time, chanting twice a day, the benefits in my life keep rolling in.  I can honestly say, I am happy.  I've had some major challenges come up and have been able to move through them with ease.

Nancy was just in for a two year check up, so far no cancer to be found.  The doctor finds it mysterious, he wants her back in three months to continue the hunt.  She keeps chanting, and did chant right into the face of death.  Graveyard Saddhana.

 Nancy and I are closer now than ever, and now we understand the deeper nature of our relationship.

Thank you Nancy!

Posted on November 14, 2007 and filed under Cancer.