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Hairstyling Tips Every Girl Should Know



Have you ever wondered how the hairstylists working backstage at fashion week make their fabulous styles last under the heat and clothing changes? Here are a few tips that will help you feel more masterful in your hairstyling efforts.

When curling, start with the mid section of your hair

Do you want your hair stay wavy for longer time? Spray your hair lightly with Infinium #3 about 12” from the head, spraying with the grain of the hair. Then start rolling from the mid section of your hair to the ends. It will help you get long lasting waves, and keep your ends healthy.

Keep your bobby pins in place with hairspray

You must use hairspray if you have sleek straight hair, and you are using pins. Spread out your hair pins on a towel and apply dry shampoo, such as the Volumetry SOS or Infinium #3 to them. This technique will help your hair pins hold in your sleek hair.

Use aluminum foil to help curl straight hair

If you hair cannot hold a curl, then try using aluminum foil. Spray the Infinium #3 Hairspray lightly as described above. Then wrap a section of hair with a long strip of foil, fold and coil the hair into a curl and tap, tap, tap with a flat iron. Let it cool in the coiled foil till you finish the whole head or where you desire curl. You will find your hair holding the curls better throughout the day. The hair gets really hot in the foil, so watch your fingers and don’t hold the heat too long.

Use dry shampoo before you go to bed

If any day you don’t get time to wash your hair in morning and you know your hair need a wash. You can apply dry shampoo such as the Volumetry SOS at night before going to bed. This technically is not a dry shampoo, but works wonderful. The shampoo will work itself into your strands overnight, resulting in healthy-looking hair in the morning with some texture and body.

Try hair extensions for temporary added length and color

You can use hair exertions if you have mid length hair and looking to add some extra length, color or volume to your hair. The option is good if you are going to any special occasion and provides many style possibilities. Hair extensions are not ideal for long term but are an easy and convenient option to get longer, fuller, or highlights quick.

Keep your brushes working optimally by giving them a good cleaning

Cleaning of your brushes is very important and help your brushes last. Much like your shoes needing a polish to make them last, so is true for brushes. In order for them to perform, you need to clean the hair out first, then use shampoo with another bristle brush or nail brush. Shake out the moisture, them rest them bristle down on a towel to dry. Take time from your busy schedule to get your brushes clean.

Use your bobby pins as graphic hair accessories

Bobby pins are a great way to play. They come in so many colors now. Try a triangle shape to give your hair, or line five of them in a row to give your hair a modern look. This can be done in the fringe, nape or sides of your head. This is a simple trick that you can try any time easily and get many different and amazing looks. Let your imagination run wild.


Get your hairstyle to stay using cool air

You don’t need to remain dependent on hot air always when you style your hair. If you want to set your hair style best, then set dryer to cool and alternate between warm and cold air.

Pat moisture out of wet hair with a towel

Remove extra moisture from your hair with the help of towel when you come out from a shower, make sure you don’t rub your hair and scalp, simply pat dry.

Leave the last half inch of hair unwrapped when curling

If you’re curling straight hair, leave the last half inch of hair out of your curling iron to get a more natural-looking, modern look.

Use the ponytail tricks for quick curls

This trick works well if you don’t have enough time to style your hair. Spray a little Crepe De Chignon in your hair. Put your hair in a ponytail anywhere that you want and divide in two three sections and twist into little buns, and pin or band. Set your ponytail free after sometime to get curly hair.

Another trick to getting a fuller ponytail: Use a butterfly clip

Butterfly clip helps you get a fuller look instantly. Spray your hair lightly with Second Day Hair. You just need to place butterfly clip underneath your ponytail to get a fuller look.

Create the perfect twisty bun

Spray your hair lightly with any of the sprays mentioned above and with your head upside down, pull all your hair to the crown of your head, and twist, then swing your head up, and band. Separate the hair is bun to get a little messiness to the bun.

Flat iron your braids to get curls.

If you don’t have time to intricately curl straight hair, lightly spray your hair with any of the sprays mentioned above, and separate your hair into six or so braids and then heat the braids with a flat iron. Undo the braids, and you’ll now have curly hair.

Use your hands to apply hairspray

The best way to use hairspray is to rub on your hands and then use on your hair for better results.

Know your brushes

Do you know the purpose of each type of brush you use? Each brush has different purpose. So you must know which brush to use at what time.Large brushes are commonly used for straightening, small for curling purpose and paddle brushes are used for making your hair smooth.

Happy styling!


A Bit of Paris

I'll get to a bit of Paris in a moment, I need to give you the background first. I traveled to Austin for a week with my professional friends, and we immersed ourselves in professional development, readying ourselves for the big show, and then I actually participated as a student, then helped to run a room of hair styling for the students. My segment of the "big show" was to be inspired by Paris in the 20's. There were four of us from the National Team in this segment.  The rest of the photos are behind the scenes.

Wedding Hairstyling

What I love about wedding hairstyling, is that you get to meet wonderful people, and be a part of a day that is to be remembered for a long, long time. I consider it to be an honor to be a part of the day, but to help the bride find a wedding hairstyle that will bring out her regality, and compliment her dress and theme for her wedding.

I loved Lindsay from the moment I met her, Ease, Grace, and Kindness, are words I would use to describe her.  I think she looked just beautiful!

Lindsay 1

Lindsay 2

Lindsay2 Lindsay4

ShineForth Salon Helps to Raise Money for Corey Reich

ShineForth will be participating in a Cut-a-Thon to help raise money for Corey Reich at Calm Salon on Piedmont Avenue, November 16, 2014, 10 am to 3pm.   For those of you wanting to see us for the first time, this is a great way to get discounted haircuts, blowouts, or treatment and blowout, and donate your money to Corey. Go to this link to book your appointment.

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Cari Borja Designs Photo Shoot

Tear sheets were laid out for me.  Each of the three models, which included Cari,  needed to look different from the other.

I set up at 9:00 am, and started on the task of styling hair and applying make-up on our first model, finishing at 1:00 pm.

Cari's Designs are feminine, fanciful, and flirtatious, so we played with the idea of keeping the hair simple, and casual, and approachable.

Cari's ease, charm and adept storytelling skill made me realize she has crafted her life into one that is creative, and full, and that she is doing none other than what she is meant to do. How fantastic to be a part of the endeavor.

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NAHA Awards 2009

Just got back from Las Vegas.  I attended the NAHA awards ceremony at Mandalay Bay. I saw beautiful images of hair by some of the greats in the industry, like Vivienne Mackinder, Lucie Doughty, and Maureen Anlauf.

I felt inspired by these hair artists who are driven to execute their work to the level at which they do, and who then want to pass on their knowledge to those who are hungry to know.  I would love nothing more than to take a walk with a few of them, and hear about their creative process, see what they notice in their surroundings, what do their dreams reveal about their work.         

I sat in the audience, sometimes sad that there were not a more enthusiastic applause for the hard work, and hours of combing, teasing, and polishing hair that these stylists have spent on their creations.

And yet, the number of students present left me remembering the early days of my career, and wanting to be at every hair show possible.  They couldn't have chosen a more high caliber event on the West Coast.

Diana and I, the owner at Keter Hair Salon, shared in our mixed feelings of overwhelm, awe, and humility at the idea of even trying to compete next year.

Another Dee Conway Shoot

This time we shot with Trina. What a fun the end of the evening, Trina was just warming up, she could have continued long past sundown. Dee, followed and calmly suggested her own ideas as well.

 April 18th. Amtrak station in Berkeley, blocks from Keter Hair Salon. The chill left me hugging my jacket shut, in between holding up the reflector for Dee.  Trina was playful, and able to accomodate Dee's gentle instructions of laying down on the tracks, sitting and standing on them, between trains.

A few onlookers stood around, but basically we had the place to ourselves.  I think our shots worked.  As usual, Dee is a complete pleasure to work with, and always so prompt in her delivery of images.

 Make-up by Pheakdey Bun.

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The Up-Do Class that Re-Awakened Everything

Kiki, our manager at Keter Salon, taught an updo styling class back in April.I thought, "Fine, let's do it."  I always look for the next inspiration to get my creativity fired up.

Kiki, who comes from a family of stylists, and worked as a platform artist, is not only a master at exectuting an idea, but in teaching the idea.

I'm whipping through, my hands moving way to fast, and there she is, smoothing, refining, slowly, precisely placing the hair in place.

I have not been able to stop since then.  This driving force inside me to learn how to build hair is unrelenting.   And now, I have it in my head to compete in the NAHA awards. 

I have a lot to learn! 

This is what I came up with that day.   The beginning of using hair pieces.

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Will This Haircut Make Me Look Thin?

Yes.  A client did ask this very question the other day, albeit, with humor in her voice.  We laughed.  The question made me pause.  As a hairstylist I am asked many things, or am considered many things, some of which are spoken and not spoken.  Sometimes I am seen as a magician, who performs daring acts of color combinations, or haircuts that make one take a second look. No, I don't pull rabbits out of hats, and I don't disappear in front of the mirror, or make lines disappear on the face. But yes, I can make someone look thinner with a haircut. It's all about shape of the head, and of the haircut.  Whattype of hair, the texture, the condition, and the clients willingness to let go of the concept "more hair is better", are all elements to consider before I cut.  Different line designs accent different features, or facial shapes, or they can completely drag them down.

In general, when someone has a broad, square shape face, I am going to go in and soften the face by cutting a nice, layered hair cut, how short the layers are depend on, again, how much hair a person has, or texture.  I am not talking about bulky, fat layers, but square layers, more shaped around the face.  The length can be mid length, or shorter, again depending on hair type and texture.  If shorter length is desired, I would go in and do round layers quite short, leave some hair in front of the ear, but shorter above the ear, leaving some hair on the neck.  In front, I tend to cut asymmetrically.  It works to offset a long, and or broad face.

If a client has a round face, I would tend to want to elongate their look, and take hair away from thier face, by creating a oval shape in the perimeter.  Then graduate into round layers, and a bit more movement  Again, this is very general.

If a client has a heart shaped face, I would tend to do bobs, shorter, more dramatic looks, unless they prefer length, too long is too much of a drag on the face, but some women want it anyway.

Although, I don't do face lifts, or weight reduction, a great haircut can make a dramatic change in someone looking more alive, taller, more chic, and definitely thinner.'s photostream

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Nymph in the Woods

We had the clothes, shoes and jewelry, location, and a wonderful model.  Everything went as planned.  Racheal arrived on time, and we met up with Dee as scheduled.  Then the fog cleared, giving us some sun highlight in all the right places.  We decided to go with two looks, complete with dress, lipstick, and hair changes. I even needed to let go of the updo concept I had prepared, because what was happening with the hair in the moment was lovely.     Shooting with Dee Conway was the most pleasurable experience I've had doing hair and make up on location. She has an amazing eye, she is flexible, she goes for what she wants with a light hand. She is creative with her direction, spontaneous, and unafraid to say what she is loving.  She could have walked off into the sunset with Racheal, clicking away.  I should have let her go down into the meadow.  Buy by then, Racheal was getting cold, we had shot for three hours, and I knew we had captured some beautiful images. 

Some things are worth doing, just to do it.  This shoot brought me so much pleasure, it was truly satisfying.  The vision of Racheal, in the woods, looking exquisitly beautiful made me teary eyed, and grateful for the opportunity to create beauty.  

 For more about Dee, photographer extraordinaire.   

Thank you Dee, Racheal, and Cari! 




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I stand in the very three foot area that my favorite hairstylist has performed her craft for years.  It's as if I stand in her own personal museum.   Not because there are artifacts of hers hanging around me, or relics of her hair do's that line the wall behind me.  I feel as though her energy surrounds me, encourages me, reminds me of the creativity that abounds. I just need to tap in to the resevoir that has lived here long before I have arrived.  And, I believe she will haunt us to be kind to each other, to draw upon each others strengths, and let the small stuff fade away. It will be interesting to see how the energy shifts however, how the group of stylists reconfigure around her not being there, and being with what is.  Who and what will fill the space. She doesn't leave town till next week.  So, we will go have breakfast at one of my favorite places, La Note in Berkeley, and then go to SFMOMA to visit the Freida Kahlo exhibit.  Two weeks ago we visited the Annie Leibowitz exhibit at the Veteran's Memorial.  I was so impressed with the vulnerability I experienced in viewing her work.  My only regret is that we didn't explore our relationship outside of the salon before this.  I will cherish every moment as we take in the art, talk and share time with one another.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm busying myself not only with writing one of the most challenging stories of the book project so far, but I'm preparing for another editorial shoot on Sunday.  I called Savanna yesterday in search of size 10 heels.  Dee Conway the photographer and I will work together, which I'm really looking forward to.  She has a creative eye, plus she is funny as can be.  We have a great model from Rabaat shoe store, Rachael, who once modeled in Europe for a period of time.  We've come up with the concept for hair.  


I sped around town yesterday, looking for jewelry, leggings, and shoes. I didn't find shoes.  Kind of critical. I can spend 100. on a pair, but do I want to for the shoot.  I don't want to fall short of a fabulous shot, just because of the shoes, they are pretty important.  We are going for romantic and feminine, perhaps a bit of a period feel to it.

Maybe I need to hunt earlier next time, instead of waiting till the final week. We have a fabulous dress, loaned to us by the talented Cari Borja, a designer in Berkeley, CA. Check it out.  This loan is a very generous offer.  Thank you Cari.  To see more of her designs, check out:


A museum of Savanna's haircuts?  Not a bad idea.  She gave me this latest.

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Baby Green Steps

Okay, so I'm taking a moment out of the presidential campaign flurry of interviews, and updating you on what changes are occurring in the salon. It's amazing, hairdressers can actually change their ways. I voiced the opinion that there ought to be three plastic, same size bins for the break room. One for trash, one for plastic/bottles, and one for paper.  One day they showed up, and, they are actually being used, not only that, but filled up. The color boxes are being recycled, instead of ending up in the trash. I've encouraged the use of bringing your own cup to get coffee. I overheard Wayne, say today, "You may as well have asked me to walk with books on my head." Milky white, hot liquid spilling over his chapped hands. It was filled to the brim, I might add. Savanna has acutally instigated a trend of bringing a bowl to get her lunch in. I just love it! Nick has asked Kerastase to please stop their waste of shipping product with a huge amount of paper, and boxes.  Stay tuned for their response.

There are still issues to work out, like light bulbs(I'm not even sure of why we haven't changed over). We still use toxic cleaning sprays. And I have to say, as I hilite clients hair, I am more sensitive to the waste produced by all the foils. My adding to the problem is becoming more difficult to ignore. Could I offer less toxic means of coloring the hair? Could I give up an enormous part of my business income because of this sensitivity? Can one person's actions change all that much? Probably not, but what else do we have, but living our own truth. I 've got to be able to live with myself and my choices.

As I ponder nontoxic thoughts, I ponder the idea of cutting my hair off, and exposing my grey hair. Radical thought in radical times. There something about just letting it be that sounds attractive, knowing full and well it doens't mean that I'm interested in being frumpy, or not feminine. But this idea counters the general philosophy of the beauty industry.

Back to the green conversation, though.  We are taking baby steps in the direction of being concious, but we have still, a long way to go.  I acnowledge the great job my colleagues have done arriving to this point.

Politics in the Chair Part 1

J.Nelson sat in my chair the other day. At 9:00 am she was willing to be interviewed about her views on what is happening in the presidential campaign. She voiced her concerns about the American people actually voting a man like Bush into office, and of feeling defeated over the last eight years of the republican party. She talked about meeting Hilary once a couple of years ago, and how she liked her a lot. And, she said she had concerns about Obama not having experience. Listen up for a thrity minute interview. Once I learn the ropes of the Audacity program, I"ll offer shorter versions. J. has compelling ideas.Click here to download…

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Take Note Fashion World

Andrea, at Serrahna's, held another wonderfully colorful fashion event at Khana Peena on College Avenue, in Oakland today.  We had a great time.  The models were fabulous, all five of them...I lost count.  I was completely absorbed with each one of them, applying makeup and styling their hair.  The makeup application went it a bit easier than last time, even though I was moving from the moment the first model showed, to when I left about, 2:30 pm.  The real proof is what comes through in the photos. What I love about Andrea, is that her heart comes through in her clothing designs, she is able to articulate her passion through fabric, and design. Beautiful!  I also love the fact, once again, (I'm sorry if you've already heard it), she celebrates,and honors every woman who steps into her business.  She helps them move in new directions, and helps them become more feminine.  I love that the models are all sizes, and all ages.  How refreshing is that?  The fashion world take notice!  You don't have to be 16, skin and bones, and flawless(yawn!), to be a woman.

I also loved how the models took on the divine feminine as they transformed before our very eyes.  Oohs and ahhs fell out of the mouths of the audience.  Queens!  It was such an honor to bring out what was already there, waiting to be drawn out.  They would walk back into the store, and say, "that was fun/"

Andrea and I walked over when the show was just about over, and with the grace of the Queen herself, introduced me to each table of quests.  Thank you Andrea.

Upon my return home, my daughter had her own clothing situations to work out.  From showing me new shorts purchased with daddy, to melt downs around not having clean laundry, to questioning the shoes I suggested for our bicycle ride to the park.  I loved every minute of being with her, up till patting her back and saying goodnight.  A nice balance to the day.  And now, a movie with my loved one.

I'll be sure to post the photos the minute I receive them.

Check out for Andrea's designs.

Touching My Clients

It's a business deal.  In exchange for money, I touch the heads, necks, and shoulders of my clients.  People surrender to me, some in a slow, steady manner, like a door inching its open.  Some jump right in, like two slaps of the hand from a Flamenco dancer.  And, finally, some clients have a unpredictable time in the chair.  However they decide to show up, whether conscious or not, it's an intimate dance in the mirror. There we are, sometimes strangers, looking for ways in which we can connect, searching for the similarities.  I comb, shampoo, run my fingers through their hair.  I tug, pull, stretch, this way and that.  I imagine who they might have been as a kid, I wonder at their particular wiring.  How did they get to where they are?  All the while, learning a great deal about myself, and them.  My caresses continue to relax or repel them.  The expectation is high for that hour.

And in the end, I am paid, in more ways than are countable.  And they leave, with maybe a bit more skip in their step.

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Sunset Hues in Her Hair

Cordelia was in today. Her hair was faded, but the black and the lightener pieces held up. I used 4.3 1/4 tube, and 6.46 on the base because I am was out of 5.46. I touched up the ends with special effects blood red, with hot lava, hi octane orange with a bit of yellow, and yellow by itself.  Cordelia is on her way to Greece for three weeks with her mother.  They are going on a sail boat for a contra dancing cruise.  She wanted to sport great hair, and so I went to work.  As, I swathed the sunny colors on her hair, we talked about our work, good food, and art.  We both had returned from women’s weekends, both wanting girl, art and nature, and good food connection. I came back with the deeper knowing that writing is what feeds my soul. Even so, sitting down and working on my book is the last thing I will sit and do. I’m afraid. What it requires for me to slow down enough to go deep inside feels like stepping into quicksand.

Back to Cordelia.  She continues to inspire me, to hold a torch for art and it’s importance to humanity. To end an insane day, with having time with Cordelia, was a dream.  There was lots of sparkle in the finished do.  I can picture her on that sailboat now, Hi Octane Orange colored hair blowing in the soft, warm wind.  People oohing and ahhing, “Look at that gorgeous woman, she must be an artist.”  Sunset hair!

Thank you Cordelia.

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The Cellist and Fire Spinner

Laura is a unique being, and a client.  I usually see her not long after the sun comes up on Saturday mornings, every ten weeks or so.  When we see each other we either chat it up, or drift into a silence, both of us okay with what is so. 

Her piercing, but loving blue eyes contrast her level 5, red mahogany hair color.  Her hair is straight, and we are growing it out to one length, it seems to take forever.  The seasons pass, and we wait patiently, only trimming her fringe.  We are getting there.

Last time she was in, we captured her thoughts on creativity.  Check it out. 

She's not only interested in fire spinning, but she is a cellist, playing in an all girl jazz band.  Laura comes from a family of musicians, all playing together at get togethers.  I love the picture it conjures up for me.

One thing you don't know about Laura is that she is committed teacher in the Alameda School District.  Teaching now, in California specifically has much to be desired, she has similar issues as when she taught in Oakland.  Apparently, our state doesn't value education.   How painful is that?

Back to Laura.  When she is not teaching, she explores her creative side; salsa dancing, music, and fire arts.  She is a delight to be with, and always willing to laugh.  Thank you Laura.  Being with you makes my job most interesting.

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Ouch! That Brush Hurts

That was Dee's response was to my favorite round brush.  I never used to use them, in fact, when I trained with Rusk for a period of time, we had to do all our drying with a Denman or a vent brush.  The curvature was created by the haircut, but since working with them, I have slowly gone back to round brushing.  Those around me have brushes the circumference of a foam roller stuck in the hair of their clients, to form big 70's kind of hair.  I don't quite understand, but I don't get a lot of what the beauty industry supports. Back to Dee, ever since, it's been a running joke about this brush.  I've already written about her idea to photograph this brush in different environments.

We've struck up a friendship/professional relationship outside the salon.  She has a light hearted spirit, great sense of humor, and she is a fabulous photgrapher.  Wedding portrait images fill her portfolio. But check her out yourself.  Let me know what you think.  I think she has an incredible eye for design, lighting, etc.  Here are a couple for now.   We are talking about a shoot together soon.  Keep your eyes peeled.

That was Dee's response was to my favorite round brush.  And, I ddin't use to use them... When I trained with Rusk for a period of time, we had to do all our drying with a denman or a vent brush.  The curvature was created by the haircut, but since working with them, I have slowly gone back to round brushing.  Those around me have brushes the circumvernce of a foam roller stuck in the hair, to form big 70's kind of hair.  I don't quite understand, but I don't get alot of what the beauty industry supports.  But anyway, back to Dee, ever since. it's been a running joke about this brush.

We've even struck up a friendship/professional relationship outside the salon.  She's got a light hearted spirit, great sense of humor, and she is a fabulous photgrapher.  She exudes self-confidence-minus the ego.  Wedding portrait images fill her portfolio.  But check these images out yourself.  Let me know what you think.  I think she has an incredible eye for design, lighting, and a relationship to humans that is unique.  Here are a couple of photos for now. 


Thank you Dee!  I look forward to our shoot.

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Romance Helper

Sierra Faith is a new acquaintance.  We met at Jennifer Butler's follow up event.  She came to me with long, lackluster hair, all one length.  She said she was ready to shed some of it.  I suggested bringing up the length, and layering.  At the last minute, I asked if she would mind if we cut and styled her hair, then applied makeup, and then took a before and after picture.  She said please do.  See what you think.

As we started talking during this, what I think she would call a transformative afternoon, she revealed that she was an online dating coach, hence her url of  She loves this work she is doing with men and women, about dealing with what is in the way of them not only meeting people, but walking the dating course with them.  They look at, and talk about what worked and what didn't.  She said, "Women don't know how to recieve from men."  I've been pondering that statement ever since.  This woman knows what she is talking about.

As I put the finishing touches to her hair, I could see tears trickling down her cheeks.   "This is who I knew myself to be."  This kind of transformation takes being ready inside. to let go of who we thought oiurselves to be.

Thank you Sierra.

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