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High Heels

giselle-3.jpgCordelia AfterZ- CoilsI've often wondered why it is people find high heels attractive on women.  It visually seems off balance to me.  It makes women look like they are teetering, distorting their body into a forward position.  They certainly can't run.  Although maybe they would just kick them off.  Or, maybe they would be dropped at the curb by their lover, so they wouldn't have to walk.  Not so attractive either. The idea of heels on hairstylists is another idea I haven't been able to wrap my mind around.  So we stand all day, at least four days a week at the least, and wear heels?

 I remember when I first started doing hair 27 years ago, I wore spike heels to work everyday.  The older stylists I'm sure thought I was crazy.  They wore cowboy boots.  Oh, yeah those are better for your feet.  There weren't many options for fashionable, comfortable shoes then.

A couple of the stylists at work wear heels everyday.  I marvel at how they do it.  They can't walk very fast.  They have beautiful legs, no apparent varicose veins, unlike my legs, which have squiggles all over the place. 

 Is it cultural?  Both are second generation from other countries.  Some of it seems like they just don't think it's sexy to not wear them.  I missed that part of the beauty school program, where we needed to dress sexy for work. 

These same stylists tell me that in the large, more prestigious salons, you are expected to wear high heels.  And they are unkind if you don't adhere to the off-kilter, sexist, misogynistic, dress code.  I guess I wouldn't last two minutes in a salon like that. 

Yes, as hairstylists we get to play, and be creative with our dress as our self-expression.  It's fun.  Where I draw the line  is when it comes to discomfort, and deformity.

These Z Coils are my favorite!   They are an example of my kind of shoe for work.  I'm not saying I don't wear heels, I just don't wear them 24/7 at work, where I stand most of the day. 

I've already blogged about them, but here is a picture of them.  Cordelia and Giselle turned me on to them.  Here are pictures of them too.

Posted on February 15, 2008 and filed under Beauty, hairstylist, Salon Life, self-expression.