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Walking on Clouds

Last week, Giselle and I bought new shoes.  She brought me to Z-Coils in Fairfield. For months now, she's been talking about how I am going to love Compton, the owner of the store.  "Really?"  I said.  As we are driving there last Saturday after work, we talked and talked, relishing in being with each other outside the salon, and of course Compton. So we hurried in, and all I see are walls of neutral colored shoes, that at first site look like nurses shoes, or shoes that a really old person might wear.  Or worse yet, like some of the older women in Berkeley who've taken to wearing baggy clothes and flat, thick soled shoes.  I didn't know how I would break it to Giselle, but I couldn't imagine how I would, or could wear those shoes. 

I was timid in trying on any of them at first.  I watched Giselle try on a pair from the stack he had saved for her.  First the brown pair, and she oohed and ahhed, walking around the store.  Then the blue pair, again oohing and ahhing.  Both pairs have a visible thick coil you can see under the heel, wild and weird.

"Okay."  So, I tried the blue ones...the comfort went beyond any pair of shoes I have ever tried on before.  I didn't care for that pair, so I slipped on a couple more pairs.  Then, when I tried on the boot, I knew I'd be taking those with me. The coil is hidden in this pair, I've worn them everyday since purchasing them.  They are like walking on clouds.  They are odd looking, but odd in a sort of funky way.  They are not cheap, but I can see I will wear these as long as I am standing behind the chair. Every hairdresser should check them out, or anybody who stands.

I await the pair of Mary Janes that he is dying red for me. Oh yeah, I loved Compton.  He was the most helpful shoe guy I've ever met, and he is the kindest man.

Check it out!

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