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Take Note Fashion World

Andrea, at Serrahna's, held another wonderfully colorful fashion event at Khana Peena on College Avenue, in Oakland today.  We had a great time.  The models were fabulous, all five of them...I lost count.  I was completely absorbed with each one of them, applying makeup and styling their hair.  The makeup application went it a bit easier than last time, even though I was moving from the moment the first model showed, to when I left about, 2:30 pm.  The real proof is what comes through in the photos. What I love about Andrea, is that her heart comes through in her clothing designs, she is able to articulate her passion through fabric, and design. Beautiful!  I also love the fact, once again, (I'm sorry if you've already heard it), she celebrates,and honors every woman who steps into her business.  She helps them move in new directions, and helps them become more feminine.  I love that the models are all sizes, and all ages.  How refreshing is that?  The fashion world take notice!  You don't have to be 16, skin and bones, and flawless(yawn!), to be a woman.

I also loved how the models took on the divine feminine as they transformed before our very eyes.  Oohs and ahhs fell out of the mouths of the audience.  Queens!  It was such an honor to bring out what was already there, waiting to be drawn out.  They would walk back into the store, and say, "that was fun/"

Andrea and I walked over when the show was just about over, and with the grace of the Queen herself, introduced me to each table of quests.  Thank you Andrea.

Upon my return home, my daughter had her own clothing situations to work out.  From showing me new shorts purchased with daddy, to melt downs around not having clean laundry, to questioning the shoes I suggested for our bicycle ride to the park.  I loved every minute of being with her, up till patting her back and saying goodnight.  A nice balance to the day.  And now, a movie with my loved one.

I'll be sure to post the photos the minute I receive them.

Check out for Andrea's designs.