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The Tree of Life

Anne use to live in a live-work unit in the same building I did years ago.  I moved out, she moved out, and we hadn't seen each other until she popped intot he salon seven, or so, years later in a stylist's chair.  That stylist went out on maternity leave, and so Anne ended in up in my chair.  Then three years later, same thing.  Another pregnancy leave, and Anne was back in my chair. We had a great time.  Anne is smart, talented, and computer savvy, which I am not.  I shared my interest in interviewing clients, and she agreed in it's appeal.   I didn't know the extent of her creative genius, until we interviewed her, while she sat with color in foils all over her head.  Wow!  Check it out., and listen to her talk about this meditation.

Beautiful Anne, I've got to get sound up and running so that we can hear you talking about this Tree of Life project.  Thanks for sharing with me.

Posted on April 28, 2008 and filed under Beauty, Creativity, Hairstyling, inspiration, Salon Life.