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HairColor Maven in Once Again

Miss Cordelia DeVere, as generous as always, brought me a cappuccino before we began to the all-too-fun task of creating a new color for her.  The window was open at my new station, the summer fog had lifted allowing the sun to light up the greenery out my window, the breeze a nice welcome in the heat of the afternoon.  She exclaimed joy at my short hair, and congratulated me on my new spot in the salon. Inspiration percolated inside of me, as she spoke about wanting her hair richer, deeper in color to allow for the fadage.  As I conjured up her color combination, level 4, with some red violet, with some accents no doubt.   I applied slices of lightener with 9% developer.  We talked about what other artists are sculpting, painting, and her staging.  We talked about her thoughts on color. 

She is still making her creative, fun, and extremely sassy Gissy Dolls too.

It's always a pleasure to create for Cordelia. The accent colors were candy apple with a couple of squirts of pimpin' purple, and some orange.

She called a couple of days later, and said, "I just wanted to let you know, I love my #@*#%& hair!"

Here are some other Cordelia works of art. 


Posted on July 22, 2008 and filed under Creativity, haircolor, inspiration.