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Spring 2016 Shapes and Color

Emma Watson   Photo:  UN Women , CC, cropped from original

Emma Watson   Photo: UN Women, CC, cropped from original

When we look at what is happening on the runway, and what is displayed in the magazines, it is sometimes a challenge to figure out how any of it relates to us. However, we can use them for inspiration, whether using new tones for painting a room, or adding prints to your wardrobe, or choosing a new tone for your hair color.

Looking at the Pantone color charts is a fun way to get a sense of what will be coming down the runway. Then looking at how companies interpret these color charts into their products. Look at the color palette released by Sephora this season. Check out on line some of the beautiful mood boards that Patternbank creates.

In Meghan Willet's article for Tech Insider, she talks about the official colors of 2016.


You've noticed these tones in the hair everywhere, from muted and soft, to heavy saturation. We are also seeing a lot of melded colors in hair color as well. Yes, smudging colors together, so there are no hard lines. This can be done with natural hair color, as well as fun colors, to give an illusion of transparency.

Brondes are the new blonde, with rose gold effects, or golden, or icey, silver, "contoured" into the hair. Yes, contouring as you would with make up, creating highs and lows in the hair, but different than Foiling the hair. Using hair color to create depths and shadow with a less meticulous hair color application that creates a really pretty finish.

Rich browns are also a big hit, with choices that entice such as, Mocha, Coffee, and Chocolate. 


Longer Bob shapes continue to be a look for this season. Shorter hair lengths will continue to be soft, or edgy, complemented with a bold color, whether it be a cool blonde, warm blonde, with a hint of pastels. Check out Sandra Bullock's very pretty Bob, and her hair color is gorgeous.

Short hair is still very much a chic statement. Check out Julianne Hough's short hair, or Emma Watson's growing out Pixie.

There is lots of fun to enjoy with this season's offerings in color and shape.