Hairstyle Tips For Men With Thick Hair


Are you a man with thick hair? Do you feel like giving up when you look in the mirror and don’t know how to handle your hair? Or, worst yet, you have so much hair you get a build up on the scalp, because your shampoo isn’t even reaching your scalp? Lots of issues arise with thick hair including styling of thick hair. Check out these tips that will help you cut your styling time and help you maintenance your hair with confidence and remain in control of your thick hair.

1. Moisturize Your Hair

Thick hair tends to become brittle and look dull. Thick hair becomes dry because scalp’s oil don’t reach the ends easily, which is a big cause of dryness and split ends. So to avoid such problem, it is important to provide essential moisture to your hair on a regular base.

Look for shampoos and conditioners that contain avocado and full of essential vitamins to keep your hair hydrated. Fatty acid in these shampoos will also provide strength to your hair.

Use a conditioning masque for your hair.  Yes, your hair needs the extra conditioning of a hair masque.  They make them specifically for thick hair. Use this masque once a week.

Too many chemical treatments can also be a cause of dry hair. So if you use hair color then only use ammonia free hair color products. Also, if you get chemical straightening treatments, then you also need to keep in mind extra conditioning for your scalp and hair.

Simple home treatment can also be used to keep your hair moisturized and in style. Yogurt can help your hair get nourishment and shine. Apply yogurt to your hairs for 20 minutes and then wash with a good shampoo. Try this tip and you will see your hair shining and texture will also improve.

2. Brush Your Hair and Scalp

Even though you are a dude, you need to brush your scalp with a mixed bristle brush.  The long bristles will get down to your scalp, and the short bristles will bring out the oils into the ends and create shine, as well as condition your hair.

3. Add Definition and Try Thinning

Thinning shears are great tools to help you lower the weight of thick hair at the same time keeping your hair length. If you have thick hair, it is not necessary to try only short hair as thinning can help you in styling long hair. Don’t try this yourself. Get yourself to a professional stylist who knows how to use this technique properly. It is important to cut thick hair away from the scalp, otherwise your hair will be sticking out everywhere as it grows out. You want to avoid shorter pieces near the scalp. You can also use wax, or emollient pomades to provide texture and tame thickness.

4. Consider a Buzz Cut

Buzz cut can be a good option if you have thick hair. Buzz cut is a good way to control hair thickness. You will need frequent trimming to keep your hair in a good shape. This cut is so special and unique that it never go out of fashion. It's a simple and attractive haircut but before you try it consider your facial shape. These types of cuts suit best on a man with a long and oval face. With the new wave of barbering happening, you can easily find a stylist that barber as well. Looks like the Brooklyn Fade are great looks for thick hair.

5. Forget the Blow Dryer

When thick hair is blow dried, it can lead to undesired volume, and look like a cartoon character. For a tamer look, it is smart to allow hair to air dry, with a professional styling product applied to keep the frizz to a minimum. However, towel drying encourages hair to frizz, so it is better to use a cotton t-shirt or pillowcase on a wet head. These items have finer threads that will not cause hair to become unmanageable.

6. Consider a Long Style

Men with thick long hair can style their hair in different ways. They can layer, feather and comb hair in different ways. Celebrities are using past trends to style their hair these days. For example, the Elvis pompadour is making a comeback but with a slightly modern twist. You can use styling spray before blow drying to give more height and definition.

If you have a long hair, then few good tips can keep you looking best. Your hair is the main part of your personality, and look, so it is important to find a cut and to know which will suits you best. Though thick hair needs lot of care and certain ways to style, using the right products recommended by your stylist or barber is the first step to getting an easy and attractive look. 

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