Audacity of Change- An Inaugural Fashion Benefit

In order to celebrate the election of President Barack Obama, we thought what better waythan to express it through nonconformity in a fashion show.

Girl Talk Band set the tone for the evening, and gave generously by playing melodic blues, latin, world jazz.   We were quite fortunate to have Angie Coiro MC our show, also giving her time for the cause.   She added flare, fun, humor and a feeling of generosity.   Denise Pate of Destiny Arts gave a brief introduction to the great work the organization offers in the Oakland schools.  To find out more about the great work Destiny Arts offers, check out

                    The MUP Plan     Model Order     The Hanger

Our sixteen models represented our coummunity; women of all ages, backgrounds, and body type. The show felt global as the first models walked to the chant from the Nicherin Daishonin Buddhism out of Japan, wearing masks that we had made, shedding them as they left the room.  They then sashayed to Gypsy Jazz. 

What I enjoyed most about this event was the gathering of creative people.  In the salon that day, there was a feeling of excitement and love of our craft, not to mention pure creativity as the stylsits, and owner of Keter Salon came together to contribute to something larger than the everyday at the salon.  

Our stepping out to the community was met with the community coming to us...130 people filled the space, standing room only.  At the end of the day, we raised some money, Giselle Shepatin gave generously as well.  She sold clothing before and after the event, and donated a percentage of her sales to the cause.   She also offered beautiful, handmade scarves as gifts for the raffle.

I want to thank some of the Fourth Street merchants in Berkeley, CA, and the people listed for their donations:           The Nail Lounge      GirlTalkBand -      Angie Coiro      Peet's Tea & Coffee      Bette's Diner      George's      Bare Minerals      The Vivarium      Patrick Gilligan      Lori Cheung -      Marcia Walden Skin Care      Dee Conway - Photography      Earl Crabb -      Cordelia DeVere -      Molly B Clothing Store      Castle in the Air      Scarlett Garcia      Cafe M      Another Planet      Simma Leiberman      Dana Argenzana      Stacy Appel

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