The Cellist and Fire Spinner

Laura is a unique being, and a client.  I usually see her not long after the sun comes up on Saturday mornings, every ten weeks or so.  When we see each other we either chat it up, or drift into a silence, both of us okay with what is so. 

Her piercing, but loving blue eyes contrast her level 5, red mahogany hair color.  Her hair is straight, and we are growing it out to one length, it seems to take forever.  The seasons pass, and we wait patiently, only trimming her fringe.  We are getting there.

Last time she was in, we captured her thoughts on creativity.  Check it out. 

She's not only interested in fire spinning, but she is a cellist, playing in an all girl jazz band.  Laura comes from a family of musicians, all playing together at get togethers.  I love the picture it conjures up for me.

One thing you don't know about Laura is that she is committed teacher in the Alameda School District.  Teaching now, in California specifically has much to be desired, she has similar issues as when she taught in Oakland.  Apparently, our state doesn't value education.   How painful is that?

Back to Laura.  When she is not teaching, she explores her creative side; salsa dancing, music, and fire arts.  She is a delight to be with, and always willing to laugh.  Thank you Laura.  Being with you makes my job most interesting.

Posted on May 7, 2008 and filed under Creativity, haircolor, Hairstyling, self-expression.