The Latest Version of Frankie

She's the new assistant at Keter.  We love her, and the girl's got talent.   She just graduated from the Paul Mitchell school in the San Francisco.  And now she wants to apprentice.  I think she has the combination of people skills, the eye-she can see hair, and she is an astute listener.  Now, she must make it through the program, however long it takes her.  I predict she will have no problem moving through it quicker than any assistant so far.  Talent, beauty, smarts, and funny as all get out, all she needs is to believe in herself.

She has endeared herself to me, and now is my muse.  We are trying to grow some hair out in front, if she can dodge my scissors, and her need for change.  Meanwhile, on our off hours, this is our latest color fest.

Good luck Frankie.

Posted on April 21, 2008 and filed under Creativity, hairstylist, inspiration, Salon Life.