Serrahna's Spring Fashion Show at Marica's

Andrea Serrahn My learning curve right now feels like the long hike to Half Dome in Yosemite.  I styled the hair and make up for one of Serrahna's Spring Fashion Shows, at Marica's restaraunt.  Her boutique is located on College Avenue in Oakland, California.  She designs her collections, using Indian Fabrics.  I love working with Andrea.  She is beautiful, heartful woman, a talented designer, and really knows how to dress a woman.  Walking into her store is like walking into a jewel-lined secret room.  COLOR is all you see. 

In working with her fashion shows, this will be the third year, I'm trying to integrate what I've learned in my workshops, by shortening my timing, setting up my kit so that it makes sense to me on location.  Plus work on being creative, and trying to project how things will look on camera.

Her customers are her models, and we had four of them, plus her lovely sister.  The restaruant was located right next door, which seated about 50 people and was packed.  We prepped the models at Serrahna's, then they would walk over.

The working space was tiny and I had to remove one of my lights to be able to plug in an curling iron.  It took me an hour and a half for the model, Diane, the brunette with long hair.  Beautiful texture to work with, and lots of it.  Looking back, maybe next time, I would put half her hair up. I applied colors like Trax Bas and Sketch from MAC

The second model was Emily, the lovely blonde.  She also had lots of hair, but straight.  I put it up in a chignon, and used colors like pewter to line her eyes, greens and orb from MAC.  Had I not taken so long for the first model, I would curl Emily's hair.

The third model was Debra, a lovely woman, with curly silver, gray, and white hair.  We used plums, and purples and wines on her eyes, and lips.

We also styled Andrea's sister, her shoulder length, fine blonde, hung straight.  The braid was a nice choice for dressing her hair up, without a lot of product and manipultation.

Overall, I need to work on speed, and color choices for make-up.  Sadly, I was out of lashes.

Note to self:  Work near the window, or create a light source.     Bring a little bag for trash.     More color selection for eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Overall, it was a good time.  The models looked natural, yet finished.  And through their changes from cotton to silks, they worked their way around the restaraunt.  Complete pictures of loveliness, sparkling in the night.

Andrea's next show will be on May 18th at Khana Peena on College Ave. in Oakland.    

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