Possessed Hairstylist

I can't get enough.  It may be time for therapy.  Hair and beauty is an obsession.  Reading articles, writing, building a make-up /hair kit, wanting to photograph every client, and finally craft a portfolio, producing my own fashion show, doing hair at the LA and New York Fashion Weeks, traveling to Paris to rest, study and be inspired, giving to groups of people around the globe.  The ideas don't stop!  Even the thought of owning my own salon ran through my mind over the last couple of months, but how could I?  I wouldn't have time for all the other interests I have.  Are these all manifestations of one and the same?  Or am I completely psychotic? My creative energy overflows into my sessions with clients.  Today marked by awesome color combinations, and silhouettes made clients, and I, swoon.  And yet, I  raced the clock all day long.  I want a day with some clients, hair color in the am, lunch, and then haircut, style, make up and photograph in the afternoon.  I want to illuminate the beauty inside people.  It sounds so civilized. 

I am ready to let go of the pictures I have put in place about my life as a stylist.  I am ready to walk in the shoes before me, and break them in.  Unchartered territory is where I am heading.  I trust what I know, and I know I will take me wherever I go.  I want to meet with beauty professionals in the industry who are working the runway, who really get team work, who work to bring out the best in people. 

 I want to create beauty.  I want to bring out the beauty that resides in people, and it's not tall, thin, and blonde.  It's wrinkles, it's grey, it's whatever a person brings to me, and allows me to work with them.  I want to tell their stories.

Posted on March 12, 2008 and filed under Beauty, Creativity, Hairstyling, Inner Beauty, inspiration, writing.