NO WAR- She's Letting Her Hair Grow

There are three clients who are friends, all of them are artists.  I respect each and every one of them for manifesting themselves as artists, who never stop creating. One of them teaches classes on Tarot collages, as a way of exploring the different cards of the tarot deck.  She has an amazing gift with the cards, some of the knowledge handed down to her by her mother, some she has learned in her own continual study.  She continues to study it, teach it and offer the knowledge to her friends and acquaintances.  I took my daughter to her to have her cards read when she turned three years old, the candle was lit, the table set, and my daughter picked the cards, and they were explained in a simple way.

She had an art opening Friday night called "Tarage" A Collabrative Tarot & Collage Journey, and her work, as well as the participants,   displayed well in this tiny room of the Oakopolis Creativity Center.   The collages were grouped by Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana, etc., all 78 cards represented.  Quite stunning !  She happened to be sick that night, so we thought she wouldn't show, her friends hung the show.

One of the three, besides the one who teaches, filled me in on the process of the workshop, and then says to me, "You won't be seeing be for awhile, I am letting my hair grow,everywhere, in response to the war in Iraq.  I will not cut it until the war is over.  I actually heard a mother and daughter interviewed on KPFA, who are doing the same.  I felt inspired.  It's something I can do."

We all have to find our own response, that something that we can do to say NO WAR.  Isn't art a response to war?  Creating pieces of beauty, so our minds can focus on what is right in the world.

The Taroist did show and sat, she didn't appear well at all.  But we gave her great encouragement, for she is a master.

Posted on January 7, 2008 and filed under Friendship, inspiration.