More on No War and Hair Growth

Of course the presidential primaries have my clients talking, but what's got them saying, "Huh, what do you think about that?" is Hilary Clinton. The fact that she is smart, can debate with the boys, and shed tears on camera has caught the public by surprise.  And what was I just saying about the Princess dilemma, and my clients suggestion that maybe my daughter is simply manifesting the Feminine?  Perhaps this culture is ready for a change from the patriarchy.  I take issue with some of what Hilary doesn't offer, but I certainly think she can hold her own. Does she have charisma?  Not exactly.   Does she fill me with a sense of hope?  Not really.  Is it the fact that she is a thinking, feeling woman going to catapult her to sitting in the White House?  Possibly.

Maybe we are ready for the Feminine.  But the question I ask now is, are we ready for Peace?

My client growing her hair as a anti-war statement is still on my mind.  It's never been just about the hair.  People have been making their heads the centerpiece of their political, spiritual, and psychological expression for a very long time.  I am touched by my client's simple act. It's peaceful.

Posted on January 9, 2008 and filed under Politics, self-expression.